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The Simple Elements…

The Simple Elements…to making a house a home, your life a state of calm and your relationships blissful.

Hello everyone and welcome to my new Blog. If you have followed me previously, you may be familiar with my food and entertaining blog, the 20 Something’s Guide to Eating and Entertaining. It’s about time for me to leave that blog and move on to the new stages in my life. Considering I’m not going to be in my 20’s forever…I figured it was time to develop a blog that speaks to where I am in my life currently.

I’m recently engaged and planning a wedding this summer to the love of my life, who actually gave me the idea to start a new blog after I complained that I was getting tired and bored of just posting recipes and restaurant reviews. We bought a house last summer and instead of spending tons of time in the kitchen, we’re spending the majority of our free time fixing up our 1911 bungalow. I spend my time watching HGTV, reading design magazines and perusing thisoldhouse.com. My focus has gone from finding the latest and greatest recipes and entertaining ideas to figuring out ways to decorate my home and stay sane while doing it.

What can you expect from my new blog? Lots of DIY design tips, quick and easy meals, my journey to finding calm through yoga and other outlets and my new life as a homeowner and future wife to an entrepreneur.

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