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Favorite Object of the Day: Calf & Half Creamer

Good morning sunshine! Not going to lie…that is usually not a phrase that comes to my mind when my iPhone alarm goes off around 8:30 A.M. Yes, I know most of you are already at work by then, but lucky for me, my job doesn’t start that early…good thing, considering i’m pretty useless until about 10:00 A.M. I do much better starting late morning and ending late evening. To each their own. But, I most definitely cannot start my day without coffee, and lots of it. Luckily for me, my fiance and I are both coffee fanatics and thrive on that magical beep of the auto programmed coffee maker finishing its daily job. We both throw back several cups of coffee before even attempting the day.

If there is one thing I love…it’s crazy and fun kitchen stuff. I have a stockpile of entertaining coffee mugs that give me the ability to smile before the caffeine kicks in. So, when this little box containing the most entertaining creamer I have ever seen showed up at ClicktoShop, I HAD to have it! It’s the Calf & Half Creamer by Fred & Friends. I know you know Fred & Friends, they make all the humorous unique gifts that you can find at Bibelot and Patina (my two favorite stores by the way) You have to admit…it’s pretty funny…how could you not smile if you woke up to this on your counter…I definitely got a smile out of Brendan. It’s pretty cool…double walled glass in the shape of an udder? Love it. I even got one for my brother and his wife as a part of their housewarming gift. I think they loved it too. I love my job…testing new products as they come in? Doesn’t get better than that!

Calf and Half Creamer

1 thought on “Favorite Object of the Day: Calf & Half Creamer”

  1. We do love ours! We used it to pour leftover blackberry syrup on our pancakes! Not what it’s meant for, but it was pretty and did the job! P.S. I forgot all about your blog and was thinking about it tonight for some reason. Now I’m all caught up! It’s so cute.

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