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Master Suite Renovation Day 1

The time has finally arrived. It’s about time that B and I get going on our master bedroom on the second floor, and get it all ready before we get crazy busy with our upcoming wedding! We have wonderful new bedding, and we need somewhere to put it! It just didn’t feel right to put the new bedding in our current bedroom…We wanted to save it for our brand new room. We chose it for what would be our newly renovated master suite upstairs. B’s been so busy with work and traveling, that my wonderfully generous parents offered to come over and patch, paint and take down the most hideous light fixtures you have ever seen…seriously. What are people thinking when they buy this stuff?? I really can’t imagine anyone going into a store and picking out the wall sconces upstairs and saying to themselves, wow these are really pretty…because they are SO ugly…i’d rather have plates over the wires than these light fixutres.

My wonderful parents came over early today and the first task was to pick out the paint color…what we needed to do was match it to the current quilt and shams I have on my registry. I have already received the shams, so we had something to match it to…but it was of course, more difficult than we thought. Learning from past mistakes…we decided spending the seven bucks on the Benjamin Moore paint samples was well worth the money…and it was. We flipped through the paint sample book in search for the perfect blue. Not too blue, not too green, with a little gray. There is nothing I love more than that 2 pound paint sample book…it’s like a 64 color box of crayons when you’re 5 (or 27)…every color possible…in order. Perfect.

So the search for the perfect Pottery Barn blue begins. We brought home the first color sample, Harbor Haze…that we swore was going to be perfect. Wrong. It was robin’s egg blue. A second color…Wedgewood Blue…Turquoise. wrong again. So we decided, the color needed to be between to the previous colors so we just chose one and went with it…we’ll see what happens tomorrow…Today was painting all the trim, the closets, the doors, windows and baseboards…tomorrow? We’ll see if Woodlawn Blue is the winner…Thanks mom and dad for all your amazing work today! Before and after photos coming soon!

The Painter's Best Friend

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