January 2012. Now What?

Well, it’s official. The holidays are over and January has arrived. As we wrapped up a fantastic New Year’s weekend at the cabin, sitting by a big fire, soaking in the hot tub and sipping Prosecco and over indulging on cheese and crab cakes (a recipe I will obviously be posting later), I was dreading the fact that I was going to come home and take down all the holiday decor, and put our tree out on the curb to be taken away. I can definitely see why people fall into a post holiday slump. It really is sad…especially for me when our house looks so much better all decorated for the holidays. I think I need to keep the holiday scented candles out for a couple more weeks to get me through January 🙂

I decided that while the holidays are over…that just means I have even more time to devote to the Elements. What does that mean for you? A recap of all the holiday goodies that I made this season as well as other little tidbits about how to keep busy during the worst months in Minnesota. My yoga studio just added a 9:30am Vinyasa Flow class which I would normally take on Tuesday evenings…I can’t think of a better New Year’s resolution than to get up on Saturdays to start my weekend out right. Yes, 9:30 on the weekend is early for me, ok?
It’s going to be a wonderful year. I have friends & family getting married, having babies, traveling the world and doing new and exciting things with their lives. Can’t wait to see what else 2012 brings!

Happy New Year!


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