Elements of Home

Whimsical Window Boxes

When we moved into our home 2 years ago, one thing I knew for sure, was that I was going to want window boxes that spanned the width of our front porch. There is something so magical about window boxes, and the amount of beauty they add to a house is amazing. Such a little fix with a huge impact! I have learned so much about gardening thanks to my master gardener mother. Not only has she designed what flowers went in our new landscaping, she also helped with our front tiered planters and designed our window box. I only wish I could take credit for how nice everything looks!

Here is what is in my current window box:

  • Heliotrope – Tiny purple flowers bunched together to form a larger flower. Adds height and lovely purple color
  • Tuberous Begonias – In Red and Yellow. These add stunning color and fill in the empty spaces
  • Lantana – One of my favorite flowers in the window box, these cute little bunches of flowers have gorgeous pink, orange and yellow varied blooms. They bloom all summer.
  • Lobelia – A trailing tiny blue/purple flower that cascades down the window box
  • Dahlia – Lovely pink blooms that stand tall in the middle of the flower box
  • Ferns – We put a super delicate fern on either side of the Dahlia
  • Ivy – Trails down the center of the window box
  • Fuchsia – Swingtime variety trails down the window box as well with delicate pink and white blooms

And that’s all! Sadly they have to be replanted every year, but there is nothing I love more than my window box:)

The finished window box



Fuchsia Swingtime

Pink Dahlia