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Simple Gardening Tips: Regrowing Succulents

You may remember my post a few months ago about making your own living succulent wreath. Sadly, one incredibly windy and stormy night, my succulent wreath was blown off my door and landed on my front porch. The succulents were not in great shape, as a lot of them had been uprooted from the wreath. Luckily, succulents are an incredibly strong and hardy plant, and I knew I could bring them back to life. If you didn’t know, you can actually regrow an entire succulent plant from one tiny leaf. That’s right, pull a leaf off any succulent…no roots necessary, stick it in some potting soil and watch it grow into a baby succulent!I gathered up all the loose leaves and clippings that I had in my wreath and potted them in a few pots to bring them back to life and eventually, recreate my wreath.

In the photos below, are all the succulents I took off my wreath and replanted (and, a perennial I’m trying to save as well in the blue pot). The pot on the left, is the one where I literally took a leaf off various types and they have already regrown into little baby succulents. So cute! I managed to keep my succulent plants alive through the winter indoors, so by next year I’ll have enough for another wreath.

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