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Sun Porch Renovation… Complete!

We started this project back in April when we were having some unseasonably warm spring days. If you recall, when we moved into our house, the front porch was in major need of a little love. The floors needed sanding, the walls needed painting and the windows needed a complete overhaul. Did I mention someone not only painted over a leaded glass window, but boarded it up on the other side? Why someone thought that was a good idea is beyond me. Did they have something against sunlight??

Nevertheless. After endless days of scraping, painting, sanding and attempting to stain maple floors (which you can’t…by the way) resanding, seal coating, running all over the city to find era appropriate window hardware…we finally finished in early July and were able to enjoy it for the rest of the summer. Thanks to my wonderful husband and all his hard work! Where the windows were painted a dark green, they are now painted a bright, sunny white. See the before pictures here. I have to say, it’s one of my most favorite places in the whole house. It’s sunny and bright, a perfect home for my herbs and plants, and the perfect place for Sunday mornings with coffee and the New York Times and summer evening dinners. And worth every minute spent making it that way.

I mounted herb planters on the wall so I had easy access to them and hung a Lantana plant right in front of the sunny windows.


Lola also enjoys the new porch!
Oversized lanterns create the perfect ambiance


Happy puppy 🙂


We used Fermob furniture in our porch. It’s colorful and a perfect reminder of our love of Paris where it lines cafes up and down the street.


Our pretty door is no longer hidden in a dark green door frame. I love the detail in this door.




The perfect finishing touch to any door, courtesy of my sister in law 🙂




3 thoughts on “Sun Porch Renovation… Complete!”

  1. The pictures are so marvelous! I had been wondering how this project was turning out. Ya’ll did a terrific job. It looks perfectly beautiful and inviting, especially with Lola included.

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