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A Musing on Food Photography

I’m learning how to use my new camera for my food photography for my new blog. It’s not a fancy DSLR so it doesn’t just automatically take a nice photo like our D700 does…but, I can still control the functions quite a bit. However, the lighting in our house is AWFUL which doesn’t help anything! I thought it would help to pick up a book on food styling and photography. I have to say, I’ve never been so disturbed…I had no idea that in the world of food styling…the tools of the trade include hot glue guns, chemical color enhancers to make your turkey looked perfectly browned, shortening and corn syrup to simulate ice cream, using Windex on cheese to make it appear perfectly melted, wet paper towels to keep bread from drying out…should I stop here? I think you get the point. My point being, is that you can rest assured, I won’t be trying any of these techniques. My blog is for real people, cooking at home…without a glue gun. I know I would be super frustrated if my recipe looked nothing like the photo. My photos are 100% real, using the actual recipe, and then fed to my husband and myself. No windex here. 🙂 Who knew? I kinda wish I didn’t.

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