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Favorite Places: Stohrer

I made the realization that through all my blogging, I have yet to fit any of my posts into my travel category, which is so odd, considering my husband and I love to travel and have been to many wonderful places together. I guess I live through our travels again via photographs, but in reality, I should document these experiences into words.

Paris. What can I say? It is a fairy tale, foodie’s paradise, fashionista’s live runway and wine connoisseur’s dream come true all tied into one city. Out of the places I’ve been to in Europe, it’s my favorite city. It probably helps that my husband speaks fluent French, has wonderful friends who live there and is my very own personal tour guide when we visit.

I absolutely love French food, and especially French pastry. I believe they have wonderful magical powers. My husband and I were attending a wedding in the South of France, when we learned of some sad news. When we arrived back in Paris from Toulouse, my husband knew I needed a pick me up. What better way to feel better, than indulging in fabulous french sweets? The first place he took me was to Stohrer, this incredible Patisserie around the corner from the apartment where we stay in Paris. The glass display cases are lined with beautiful pastry, colorful macarons, and picture perfect tarts. How does one even make a decision in a place like this? It was then when I spotted a glossy chocolate eclair. I’m not lying when I say it was the most wonderful treat I have ever had. Trust me. You haven’t had an eclair until you have experienced one from Stohrer. The light french pastry, filled with dark chocolate creme patisserie, topped with a layer of melted dark chocolate is pure perfection. I felt better already. I can’t do it justice by writing about it,  I can only recommend that you stop by and experience the incredible sweets they have to offer. It’s truly an experience.

The people who work there, are wonderful to say the least. My husband and I had to catch an early fight back home, and there was nothing we wanted more than fresh pain chocolat and eclair before we left. My husband ran down to Stohrer while I finished packing our things. When he arrived back at the apartment, he arrived empty handed…Before I could say anything, he informed me that the pastry chef was putting a fresh batch of pain chocolat and eclair in the oven, ahead of his other pastries, just for us, as they normally are not ready at 6 am 🙂 If you haven’t had pain chocolat right out of the oven…it’s an absolute must. Now every time we’re in Paris, this is always our first stop every morning, and our last stop before heading to the airport.

On your next trip to Paris, make sure to stop by Stohrer located at 51 rue Montorgueil 75002 Paris.

stohrer eclair

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