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The Door to Nowhere…No More!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s finally happening. We are taking the biggest leap since we’ve lived in our home, and doing our very first REAL construction project! Okay, the laundry room was also construction, but…this one includes real bids, real plans and someone other than me and B doing the work! Hooray! We’re building a deck. I never actually published my ranting post about all the strange quirks…er…charms…our house has, I felt it was a little harsh…and only written because our plumbing went on us and I needed an outlet. In reality, I’m so grateful for our home. It’s beautiful, in my dream neighborhood and perfect for the two of us and our eventual growing family. And, it’s ours…and for that, we’re very blessed.

When we moved into our house, we discovered there were two doors leading to the backyard. One (the normal one) Is ground level and walks right out to the backyard from the top of the basement stairs. The second one (the quirk) is a door that is about 4 feet off the ground, with no stairs, no deck….just this 4 foot drop off that somehow made it past inspection. (hmmm…) It’s a great door with a window right off the kitchen. Clearly, at some point in this 100 year old house’s life, there was a deck or at the very least, a staircase that would lead you down to the back yard. My husband and I love to grill and hang out outside. We have this fabulous front porch, but, it’s more of a 3 season, and we’d love to have a place to put the grill, and a table to spend time in our backyard. So, the door to nowhere is finally going to have a purpose…our very own deck complete with built in benches and planters! Dream. Come. True. I have a feeling Lola will love to bask in the sun as well 🙂 I’ll keep you posted with photos of the progress…Exciting days ahead for our 1911 home 🙂



2 thoughts on “The Door to Nowhere…No More!”

    1. Thanks Jess! We’re so excited! Hope you can get back to MN sometime this summer to enjoy a mojito on the new deck with me! 🙂

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