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Favorite Things: Porketta

If you’re not Italian, or, you didn’t grow up in my family, you probably have no idea what Porketta is. Well, I will tell you! In Italy, Porchetta is a whole pig that is deboned, stuffed with herbs, and then slow-roasted until it simply falls apart. Porketta, prepared the Northern Minnesota way,  is simply a rolled pork roast drenched, and I mean, absolutely COVERED in incredible herbs, spices and garlic, slow cooked for 10 hours, pulled apart and eaten on soft rolls. My parents both grew up in Northern Minnesota, and moved to Minneapolis after they graduated from college. A few things came with them…Porketta, Pasties and Potica and some day, when I have enough time…and enough skill, I will show you how to make Potica.

Want to know more about Iron Range cuisine? Yes. cuisine. The Iron Range is home to a few of my favorite things including Pasties and Potica. This is amazing stuff…don’t believe me? I’m pretty sure Cooks Illustrated & Cooks Country wouldn’t be writing about it if it wasn’t!

Sunday is typically slow cooker day for me and my husband, and today is no exception…I’ve got a fabulous Porketta slow cooking away in my kitchen, making our whole house fragrant with the scent of fennel and garlic. No, I don’t make this one myself. I had it made at Village Meats in Wayzata. The second I walked in and ordered a Porketta he asked, “are you Diane’s daughter?” I guess our family is the only family to special order these roasts 🙂 It’s one of the easiest meals to prepare…simply place the Porketta in the slow cooker on high for 5 hours and then on low for 4-5 additional hours. No need to add any liquid while cooking. Once the roast easily falls apart, shred the pork and mix in the juices from the slow cooker. We serve it on rolls or hamburger buns. My husband likes to put LOTS of BBQ sauce on his, but it has enough flavor on its own too!

Slow Cooked Porketta

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