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Things I Love: BabyGanics

There is so much learning that goes on in the first few months of motherhood, and there is nothing I love more than when I find a product that makes my life, and Marielle’s better. I had been washing Marielle’s bottles, pacifiers and my pump parts in an all natural dish soap, thinking I was doing something good by not using harsh chemicals and soaps. However, the brand of soap I was using (no need to name names, they are a great company, just maybe not for baby supplies!) was leaving behind a pretty strong scent on her bottles and my pump parts. I have no idea if it was affecting the way her bottles tasted, but I can only imagine it did at least a little. So off I went, in search for a fragrance free, baby safe, natural soap that I can use on her things. I came across a brand called Babyganics. Babyganics is a brand of non toxic, plant based cleaning and baby products dedicated to being 100% safe for baby, no bleach, SLS, phosphates, phthalates, sulfates, fragrances or dyes. I purchased the Dish and Bottle Soap and while I was at it, decided to try the Multi Surface Wipes that can be used on her toys and any surfaces she touches and the alcohol free Foaming Hand Sanitizer. I couldn’t be happier with my purchases. The Dish and Bottle Soap is amazing. It doesn’t leave behind residue and most importantly, no fragrance. No longer do I worry about her bottles tasting like cucumber. My days of using Clorox wipes and rinsing with water after use to be safe are over. I’m pretty sure she also enjoys the fact that her sensitive nose doesn’t have to tolerate Purell on my hands after diaper changes, plus it leaves my hands soft as opposed to that dry feeling you get from alcohol based sanitizers. I am so happy I found this brand and highly recommend it to any new mamas! Check out their website here for a full range of products safe for baby and you. How cute is their packaging?



1 thought on “Things I Love: BabyGanics”

  1. What a neat discovery! I will pass it on to all new mothers I know.

    Your thank you note came, I appreciate it, and am glad Marielle liked her bib.


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