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Béaba Babycook: Puréed Sweet Peas

This was one of the easiest meals I have made for Marielle. While you can make it more difficult on yourself by shelling fresh peas yourself, it’s a lot easier, and just as nutritious to use organic frozen peas. Frozen veggies actual contain tons of nutrients and steaming them retains those nutrients. Simply fill the Babycook steaming basket full of frozen peas, add water (level 3) to the reservoir and press steam. The peas cook in about 15 minutes. I ended up using all of the cooking water to thin out this particular puree, since they are pretty thick and starchy. They turned out perfect! Vibrant green, fresh tasting, and just a little bit sweet. I wasn’t sure Marielle would love the peas on their own, but she did! They have become one of her favorite foods so far. One bag of peas made 10 containers of food for Marielle.



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