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Things We Love: gDiapers

When it comes to the one thing that your baby wears every single day, you better love it and make sure that baby is comfy and dry. Yes, I’m talking about diapers. I have to say, choosing a diaper for Marielle was extremely tricky. There are so many options, brands and types. When she was first born, we ended up using Pampers Swaddlers because that’s what our hospital used, and they were the softest with the best fit. They did work well. However, as with most disposable diapers, they had a light fragrance that I wasn’t crazy about and I was shocked at the amount of diapers she could go through! I had contemplated cloth diapering with Marielle but knew it might be a lot to take on as a first time mama. I myself was a cloth diaper baby and the way my mom described the washing process seemed quite tedious and time consuming. I did a little research on cloth diapers and came across gDiapers, which are hybrid cloth diapers. The perfect combination of reusable and disposable! Unlike most disposable diapers, gDiaper’s disposable inserts are 100% biodegradable. They are 100% fragrance free. No inks or dyes. No polypropylene. No perfumes. No elemental chlorine. I can definitely feel good about that. gDiapers are available with cloth inserts if you are interested in fully cloth diapering. For me, semi cloth diapering was perfect for us.

How They Work:

Choose a gPant (available in tons of adorable colors and patterns) and tuck an insert (either disposable or cloth) into the pouch and there you go! It’s just as simple as using disposable diapers, except gDiapers are incredibly breathable keeping diaper rashes away and baby comfy and dry. Once we switched to gDiapers, I found her diaper rashes were SO much better! I also found that the gDiaper inserts hold a lot more than a traditional disposable diaper as well, meaning no leaks and less diaper changes.

When it comes to diaper changes, simply remove the soiled insert and toss, compost (wet ones only!) or flush! Yes, that’s right you can flush them down your toilet. Simply tear off each side of the insert, allowing the absorbent inner core to fall out, break down and flush away. How’s that for getting rid of your diaper pail? Now, if you have older plumbing or plumbing that may be filled with tree roots, etc…just toss them in your diaper pail like you would a regular diaper, but feel good that they are environmentally friendly.

You only need to wash the gPant when it gets dirty. I change the waterproof, nylon snap in pouch if it gets soiled and after each day, and both can be machine washed and dried.

I love that Marielle can wear just a gDiaper and a cute shirt and that’s her outfit for the day if we’re hanging out at the house. Perfect for warm summer days, easy diaper changes and a happy, dry baby. She’s on the move and gDiapers allow her to move around comfortably. There are only two sizes of inserts, so once your baby hits the M/L/XL size, you don’t have to worry about what size diaper you need to buy ever again! The gPant sizing is amazing too…Marielle wears a Medium at 7 months and will continue to wear that size until she is 28 pounds. We’re so happy we found gDiapers!



gdiaper nylon pouch

gdiaper with insert

gdiaper outfit



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