Elements of Baby

Mommy Musings: Two Under Two!

When we first found out we were pregnant with baby #2, we were obviously surprised, as Marielle was only 8 months old. But most of all, we were absolutely thrilled, and felt very, very blessed. I get a lot of questions about if I hope it’s a boy or a girl. I do think that it takes carrying a pregnancy to realize that you honestly don’t care. All you want is a happy, healthy baby. With all the crazy prenatal testing and ultrasounds they perform now, all you can do is hold your breath hoping that little one you’re carrying is healthy and strong. That feeling first hits you when you hear that first heartbeat. I heard and saw the heartbeat with Marielle and this baby at 6 weeks. How amazing is that? So, do I have a preference of a boy or a girl? I honestly don’t. Having one of each would be so lovely, and having two little girls who would be so close in age and (hopefully!) be wonderful friends would also be amazing. I think what hits me the hardest every single day, is knowing my one on one time with Marielle is slowly coming to a close. As excited as I am about having another child, the past (almost!) year has been such an incredible time in my life. I cherish every single day I spend with Marielle and I feel so lucky that I get to be with her all day every single day. This little girl has made me realize how wonderful life really is. Her constant smiles, giggles and expressions of love are what make me wake up excited to start my day, even when I’m beyond exhausted. I am so grateful that she is in my life. I definitely shed a couple tears each time I think about her upcoming First Birthday. How is it that the little baby I wanted so badly, is no longer a baby? Everyone told me this time would go by quickly and to enjoy it. I know that even though there were times of little to no sleep, lack of getting around to feeding myself, a house left uncleaned and unorganized for days at a time, and very little social life for awhile, that it was all worth it. Now, stop growing up so fast, sweet girl. DSC03226

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