Mommy Musings

Since becoming a stay at home mom to my darling Marielle, I wanted to keep up my writing and share my stories and experiences since becoming a mother. I’ll review my favorite baby products, things I’m learning, and the joys and struggles of my new job 🙂


My Baby Won’t Eat Meat…And Other Dinnertime Fun!

Mommy Musings: Two Under Two!

Marielle’s Winter ONEderland Birthday Party

The Terrible Twelve (Months)


Béaba Babycook: Puréed Sweet Peas

Béaba Babycook: Puréed Sweet Potatoes

Béaba Babycook: D’Anjou Pears & Zucchini

BĂ©aba Babycook: Baby’s First Chicken and Apples

Fall Butternut Squash, Apple and Yukon Gold Potato Stew

Beaba Babycook: Millet, Apple and Zucchini Medley

Beaba Babycook: Puree Parfait

Growing Tastes and Appetites! Roasted Chicken, Leeks and Apples

Things I Love

New Baby Must Haves

Things I Love: BabyGanics

Things We Love: gDiapers

Salt Dough Hand Print Ornaments

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit

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