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Seeded Eucalyptus Fall Wreath

I feel pretty lucky to have the family that I do. I have amazing parents and a wonderful sister and brother both who married people I love! I feel blessed to be a part of a family that actually likes to hang out with each other. We have lots of little get togethers to celebrate various events, as well as just to have fun and hang out. I love fall and I know my sister in law Tiffany loves fall as well so it seemed obvious to have a little fall party at my house. We usually do some sort of craft…wreaths, centerpieces, etc. eat yummy food from recipes we find on Pinterest… and of course, wonderful wine. This year, I convinced my mom and sister to come over and make wreaths as well. My mom’s wreath turned out beautifully! My sister ended up helping my nieces who joined us this year with their little wreaths! It was such a fun day.  The girls decorated little 12 inch grapevine wreaths with items they found in their backyard as well as some cute little pumpkins my mom bought for them. They turned out amazing.

The Eucalyptus wreath is super simple to make. You only use one type of leaf and that’s the seeded eucalyptus. It’s so beautiful on its own, you don’t need anything else. For a wreath frame, I used a 18 inch grapevine wreath. I then attached seeded eucalyptus branches around the wreath frame attaching it in various areas to keep the eucalyptus branches down with floral wire. That’s it! It smells wonderful every time I walk in the door. Even though the New York Times delivery person knocked it down at 4am Sunday morning…Nice throw. Thank you Tiff for the great photos from the day!

DIY Seeded Eucalyptus WreathPhoto Credits: Red Velvet Moments