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DIY Living Succulent Wreath

How can you not love succulents? They are absolutely gorgeous and popping up all over the place. The first time I fell in love with them was when I was planning my wedding. I was paging through Martha Stewart Weddings and came across a gorgeous succulent bouquet. Although I knew I wanted roses for my bouquet, I knew I had to have succulents everywhere else. Our incredible florist (Melissa from Sadie’s) put pops of succulents in the bridesmaid bouquets and on the bouquet vases at the reception. Seriously gorgeous. They are so unique, and come in the most beautiful shapes and colors. On a recent vacation to Coronado Island, I noticed everyone had huge succulent plants in their gardens. I was so jealous! I love having little succulent arrangements in my porch, and the best part about them, (besides them being lovely) is that they take very little care…and by very little I mean, I left mine out in the porch over the winter and they were still very much alive this spring 🙂

This wreath was very simple to make it and it makes quite the statement on the front door. Here is what you will need to complete your wreath!

  • One 12-14 inch wire wreath frame (available at craft stores)
  • Sphagnum moss (available at most nurseries)
  • Floral wire
  • Floral pins
  • Variety of succulent clippings – You can buy succulent plants at most nurseries, or you can take clippings from existing plants. The great thing about succulents is that even if you cut all the leaves off a succulent, they will grow back! So don’t worry about buying plants and wasting them, simply let them grow back and create an arrangement once they are big enough. Cut your succulents so that you have 1-2 inches of root at the bottom. Let your clippings sit out for a day or two to let the root callus over on the bottom.


  1. In a large bowl or bucket, soak the moss for 10-15 minutes until soaked through. Wring the excess water out of the moss and set aside. You will want to lay down a plastic mat or table cloth on your work table…sphagnum moss is really messy!
  2. Take the damp moss and place it around your wreath frame. Tuck it in between the wires on the frame until you have about a 4 inch wide ring of moss around the frame. Secure the moss around the frame with either fishing line or floral wire. You can use more or less moss depending on the size and quantity of your succulents.
  3. Using a pen or the tip of scissors, poke holes in the moss where you want to place each succulent and simply insert the root into the moss. Secure with floral pins. The succulents will eventually take root in the moss and secure themselves to the wreath.
  4. Fill in your wreath with as many succulents as you like, or as few. Remember, this is a living wreath…don’t fill your wreath in too tightly, as the succulents will grown and fill in the gaps.

    You want enough moss coverage so that it supports the weight of the succulents…they can be quite heavy depending on the size.

That’s it! You’re done. I recommend letting the wreath sit flat on a table for a few days before hanging it upright on a door. The only care the wreath needs is the occasional spritz of water, but succulents thrive in dryer environments so don’t worry about your wreath being constantly damp, you don’t want it that way. Make sure your wreath gets a little sun and enjoy!

I finished my wreath with a burlap bow, but you can simply hang it from the back of the wreath frame if you wish.

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